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We believe in out-of-the-box thinking with tried-and-true consulting skills. We're on the cusp of social media trends, new technologies and communicating effectively and creatively. Guided by the leadership of Dr. Eugene Gibbins, a practitioner and instructor in the industry for 40+ years, we've got a foundation for success to share with you. 

Mary Gibbins has had diabetes for more than 25 years.  She understands the challenges, the ups & downs, and the difficulties of managing diabetes.  Many ideas, tips and strategies will be shared with those who have an interest in learning more about the disease.

Eugene & Mary, together, have been successful in several different industries.  They have years of education, expertise & experience in such areas as internet marketing, wealth building, computer consulting, affiliate marketing, setting up businesses, real estate - selling, leasing, managing, appraising, teaching, also banking, and cultural diversity in the workplace, and in business building successful relationships with that realm.

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